Day 364

Day 364
Just one day to end this 2018😭
Hallelujah praise Jesus😂

Last post for 2018teennnnnnnnnnnn.
Clap na😅

So today I’m going to talk about the things / the behaviors on WhatsApp that piss off most of us
To begin with,
The most annoying ,
Is the bant about fake friends and real and whatever.
I’m very sure I’m not the only one who hates these bants.
Like my twin said “everybody get hin own for body“
You’re not a 100% real so please sit down.
Yen yen yen yen yen yen yen I know my real friends and kinni. You,you, you yourself are you real? How many of your friends do you check up on?
Instead of criticizing people who try and text you when they see you post something…. Why not appreciate?
Just loosen up.
We know people are fake sha do your part😂. God go reward you.

The next one that’s vexing ,is those ones that still post “I’m off WhatsApp. Call me if you need me”,” this WhatsApp na ded. I’m going off “ and then 0.259 seconds they are back posting pictures of themselves ,stories from twitter,and advertising their IG pages
Errrm please what’s your issue 😂. Please go if you want to go abeg.

And the scissors too.
Awon cutters. I hail o
Uncle cutter. Aunty blade.
The Lord is your muscle.
Please we do not care who you’re cutting off in 2019😂pliz

Then the ones that claim important.
Small post you’re already catching feelings. Who was talking to you.
Who mentioned your name.
Please if your name is not involved please relax and drink cold water
Or better still…
Watch Adéyemí Ade on YouTube.
Or visit disturbing Africa on IG and calm ya nerves😂

Sha 2019…
Loosen up and live life as it comes.

We don’t want these banters again😂
You’re not even getting younger.

Plus mind your business.


Happy new year in advance.

What did you think?